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Dear Parents!

We are pleased to offer your children great additional activities - Speech therapy classes!


Speech therapy classes

Speech influences the entire development of a child, especially its success in school.

It is an asset in establishing social contacts and in everyday communication.

Those children who speak poorly tend to reproduce words incorrectly, have problems with proper linguistic communication, and faulty pronunciation often becomes a source of reluctance to speak.

Therefore, it is necessary that the child's speech is properly developed.

Speech therapy classes conducted at our Kindergarten are aimed at:

  • preparing the organs of articulation for the sounds appearing successively in the child's development and for evoking the sounds missing in child's speech;
  • correction of speech impediments;
  • support for the development of vocabulary.

We invite children to classes with a speech therapist in groups and individually.

Group lessons: 4 children, 30 minutes, once a week 

Individual lessons: 45-60 minutes