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Dear Parents!

We are pleased to offer your children great additional activities!

1. Artistic creativity (Sensoplastyka)

2. Speech therapy classes

3. English


1. Artistic creativity (Sensoplastyka)

These are colorful and dirty activities, something kids love! Artistic creativity is a multitude of textures and a whole range of ecological colors. During the classes, we use food products, so the classes are safe for the youngest. That is why it is worth participating in Artistic creativity classes!

  • to help children build their body and space awareness
  • to support the development of the senses
  • to positively influence the improvement of movement (preparation for learning to walk)
  • to deepen our emotional contact with children through joint activities
  • so that children can establish social relationships with their peers and get used to the presence of people other than their closest caregivers
  • to influence the development of speech - the centers in the brain responsible for speech are located close to the centers responsible for fine motor skills - i.e. hand work
  • to unleash creativity, creative energy and natural expression!

Group: up to 8 children, once a week


2. Speech therapy classes

Speech influences the entire development of a child, especially its success in school.

It is an asset in establishing social contacts and in everyday communication.

Those children who speak poorly tend to reproduce words incorrectly, have problems with proper linguistic communication, and faulty pronunciation often becomes a source of reluctance to speak.

Therefore, it is necessary that the child's speech is properly developed.

Speech therapy classes conducted at our Kindergarten are aimed at:

  • preparing the organs of articulation for the sounds appearing successively in the child's development and for evoking the sounds missing in child's speech;
  • correction of speech impediments;
  • support for the development of vocabulary.

We invite children to classes with a speech therapist in groups and individually.

Group lessons: 4 children, 30 minutes, once a week 

Individual lessons: 45-60 minutes


3. English

Our Nursery is a partner of the International Program of Universal Bilingualism "Bilingual Children" / "Bilingual Future".

The author is a world-famous linguist - Claire Selby, who has been creating English learning materials for children for several years.

The program received the English-Speaking Union Award for the authors of the Universal Course for Nurseries and Kindergartens.

In Poland, this program cooperates with the Yellow House English publishing house in the field of preparation of teaching materials.

This is a special world of heroes, songs, animated films, and language, music and movement games.

Additionally, each babysitter in our Nursery attended the training "English in the everyday play of preschoolers".

Group:30 minutes, once a week